Pharmacy Mall

Pharmacy Mall is an online drugstore selling high-quality drugs at low prices. You can place an order online at any time convenient to you. The pharmacy has been operating for more than 20 years and has already become very popular among customers all around the world since it has a number of undeniable advantages.

  • very low prices: high-quality drugs should be affordable for all segments of the population;
  • reliability and responsible attitude;
  • professional staff and excellent service.

Our pharmacy focuses on the flexibility of the mode of operation, a wide range of drugs of exceptional quality. We offer many branded drugs and generic versions. All products presented on the website are thoroughly tested for the presence of counterfeits, which does not allow low-quality drugs to go on sale.

Products that are sold in our pharmacy undergo a state control system, and there are all necessary quality certificates. Thanks to cooperation with various official distributors and reliable manufacturers of drugs, we are able to set the most affordable prices for products. We are responsible for each product sold and ensure compliance with the legal implementation.

Other advantages are the convenience of placing an order and short delivery times. Here you can buy any drugs you are interested in quickly and easily, just go to our website, pick up a product from a wide range and place an order. Convenient, intuitive interface and the ability to search alphabetically makes ordering medicines easy even for people of retirement age. You always have the opportunity to receive prompt professional advice from a specialist by sending a question via e-mail.

Our main goal is to quickly help people cope with various diseases and give recommendations on preventive measures. All our customers know that we can combine high-quality products with low prices and excellent service!

Our mission

We provide our clients with a balanced ratio of quality and cost of goods and services, including advice on the use and storage of medicines with care for the health of present and future generations.

Our goals

Prioritized satisfaction of requests and expectations of our clients in an unstable economy, increasing the level of satisfaction of our employees with their socially significant work and stable growth of the financial situation in general.

Our tasks

  • Providing our customers with efficient, reliable and safe medications to meet the needs of society, in compliance with the laws, rules and regulatory documentation of a licensed pharmacy;
  • Selection of reliable suppliers and manufacturers of products, development of cooperation with them on a mutually beneficial basis;
  • Expanding the range of products and additional services by monitoring the market for new pharmaceutical products through the introduction of innovative technologies;
  • Continuous improvement of the quality system in the company;
    Increasing labor productivity and reducing costs without degrading the quality of services;
  • Refinement of product accounting programs and the development of customer feedback;
  • Supporting a high level of staff skills through systematic training, mentoring, certification;
  • Formation of corporate culture and employee motivation systems based on personal achievements to involve employees in the process of continuous improvement of the quality system.

The management undertakes to provide the necessary material, technical, financial and information resources to implement decisions to improve the quality system and improve the effectiveness of the work of the management.

Drug quality control

Unfortunately, it often happens that pharmacies neglect the quality control of medicines and health-related goods. This cannot be said about our drug store:

We work with proven counterparties. The quality control of drugs begins with the choice of a reliable and honest supplier.

  • We comply with the rules of storage and transportation. The efficacy and safety of the drug depend on the proper storage;
  • Quality control of drugs for compliance with all modern requirements. It should be noted that we do not sell medicines that have not been tested. Also, you will not find here prohibited drugs that may harm the health of people;
  • Quality control of drugs upon delivery of goods. It is also important to observe the storage of drugs with specific requirements for packaging and storage. The buyer is informed about the rules for the storage of individual drugs so that the medicine retains its medicinal properties after the purchase.

As you see, Pharmacy Mall takes the quality control of drugs very seriously, as we perfectly understand the importance of our products for treating the population. If you are interested in the quality control of drugs in our pharmacy in more detail, you can always contact us and ask questions. It is important for us that you have no doubts about buying medicines from our website!

Guarantees of authenticity

  • We guarantee the authenticity and quality of all supplied medicines and medical supplies. We will provide information about the source of medication at your first request;
  • All products available in the catalog are certified. The terms and conditions of storage and sale of goods are strictly controlled by highly qualified specialists;
  • The online pharmacy has a special quality commission that checks the drugs at each stage: receipt, storage, sale, etc.;
  • The entire process of ordering and processing is accompanied by an experienced pharmacist (an employee with higher pharmaceutical education).

Our bestsellers

  • Cipro is an effective and inexpensive antibiotic which is used for the treatment of a cold, otitis, diseases of the oral cavity, pulmonary diseases, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, kidney diseases, skin lesions, wounds;
  • Cialis Super Active is an affordable generic version of Cialis for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men. The innovative formula of the drug multiplies blood flow to the penis during sexual arousal. Cialis Super Active is available in gelatin capsules, which allows for very fast absorption and convenient administration;
  • Female Viagra is a modern medical product with proven pharmacological properties. This generic for women was developed on the basis of the PDE-5 inhibitor – Sildenafil citrate – which is used to increase female libido and eliminate possible problems with sex life. Female Viagra contributes to the active blood saturation of the genital organs, which leads to an increase in their sensitivity, and also contributes to the proper functioning of the sex glands, which secrete vaginal lubrication. All this leads to an increase in the average duration of sexual intercourse, the absence of dryness and the natural achievement of orgasm;
  • Lasix is an effective diuretic that removes calcium, magnesium and potassium. Oral pills begin to act after an hour. The effect lasts about seven hours. Lasix is indicated for the treatment of edematous syndrome as a result of pathologies of the kidneys, heart, liver; burn disease; acute form of left ventricular failure; preeclampsia in pregnant women. In addition, Lasix tablets are recommended to be taken as part of the complex therapy of arterial hypertension, with forced diuresis;
  • Zoloft is a popular antidepressant used for the prevention and treatment of certain diseases of the nervous system. The active ingredient of the drug is sertraline. It inhibits the reuptake of serotonin by neurons, so that the patient’s body no longer suffers a deficiency in serotonin. Its use does not give a sedative effect, and the existing reviews of Zoloft indicate that this drug improves mood, reduces appetite, and removes anxiety. This medicine is also used for the treatment of depression and manic states.